In the warmth of the rain I waited and did not come .. it did not come to bring what I claimed from it ..
Now I have to find another way to refresh my soul burning .. anyway, to wash my hacks and let it sniff.
I think again and again your yesterday eyes ... I dug as usual in the depths but on the cliff I found myself this time .. it's not that I do not know the locals but ... it's not what I expected ...
Again, now I think of you .. If you want a caress, you have to get down this cliff .. I will not want it for you ...
again I think I expect you only to take me from there ..
I know you .. if you do not get me I will not come back and I can ... I know you .. you are ..
In the heat of the rain that I needed now more than ever ... it's not the only one that disappointed me ... yes .. I'm going to get the ropes again .. I know ... I know ...
just ... anyway, I'll find now to quench ... to be able to see ... very much to find again the hawk of despair that has its nest in this cliff ...
to my health, then, to your health.

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  • Alexia Jaffe

    Alexia Jaffe


    Author Alexia Jaffe was born Judith Jaffe on February 12, 1983, in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The second child of Maria, a homemaker, and Steve, a dentist, Alexia was given the chance to expend her creative energies through an array of activities that included piano and dance lessons. She especially enjoyed reading, and constantly made up stories in her head.
    After attending the all-girls' Battin High School, Alexia was forced to leave Boston University after just two weeks upon contracting mononucleosis. She resumed her education at New York University.
    Author Alexia Jaffe has written such popular children's and young adult books.
    Since 2016 he has settled permanently in Athens where he works as a writer and delivers piano lessons

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