I became air now and I sweat ... you ... every look and your expectations ... do not ask for compassion now ... windmills will all be done now and then I will be closed in a pouch anywhere the shoulder past ...
I got water ... that's what I also became ... I will swallow you without a second thought ... you ... your kiss that once again glorifies the Judas and the longing you have ... nothing I will be sorry for. ... then I will be given to the land to suck me and sprout wildflowers ...
I do not care about my existence because you will not exist in yours ... I do not care about your existence because it is one with my own anyway ...
you, your steps, your dreams ... it's me ...
you, your gaze and your expectations ... it's me ..
you, your kiss ... your craving ... it's me ...
nothing will be left ...

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  • Alexia Jaffe

    Alexia Jaffe


    Author Alexia Jaffe was born Judith Jaffe on February 12, 1983, in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The second child of Maria, a homemaker, and Steve, a dentist, Alexia was given the chance to expend her creative energies through an array of activities that included piano and dance lessons. She especially enjoyed reading, and constantly made up stories in her head.
    After attending the all-girls' Battin High School, Alexia was forced to leave Boston University after just two weeks upon contracting mononucleosis. She resumed her education at New York University.
    Author Alexia Jaffe has written such popular children's and young adult books.
    Since 2016 he has settled permanently in Athens where he works as a writer and delivers piano lessons

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